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I recommend you to have vision, technique and discipline to achieve success

~ Francisco J. Córdoba Otálora

Author of Beat the Robots.

"By using several analogies, inspirational stories of the who's who, as well as examples from music, art and cinema, 'Beat The Robots' stands out as a motivational guide, a professional guide on career advancement and above all, a powerful work on personal and professional enhancement in today's rapidly evolving and dynamic world." Find out more

Policy Influencer at Red Diaspora Colombia

I co-developed Colombia 2038. A citizen initiative with the goal of transforming Colombia in a country of well being for all by 2038. We are working in a decentralized e-governance system to propose, track and push new policies towards a knowledge based society. Every citizen can contribute, track and propose solutions. Find out more


A Colombian-born serial entrepreneur focusing in motivating people to pursue their dreams through education and technology. Francisco made his first company when he was 20 years old. Now is focused in creating new business models through blockchain and the power of the crowds. A mentor at The Founder Institute. Find out more

Through my entrepreneurial efforts I have helped thousands of people around the world.

The Internet of Energy at Danske Ideer 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark

Interview of Young Global Changers at G20-T20 2017, Berlin, Germany

Entrepreneur for over 10 years. Co-founder of Red Diaspora Colombia and previously CEO of Seed Software. Winner of the first startup weekend Colombia, Mentor at The Founder Institute. Advisor to 3da2 animation studios. Global Shaper, Young Global Changer-G20 and nominated to travel to space. Francisco has an M.A. in Lifelong Learning: Policy and management from University College London and is the author of Beat the robots. Read more about him here.

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