Whose fault is if I’m kicked out of my job due to a robot?

I know, losing the job is always a terrible event in life, even if you hate it still is bad. Your manager just send you a letter (still they exist) telling you that the company decided to lay out you because they are in an automation process. You have been working a couple of years for the company, possible decades. Always on time, being as productive as possible, being as a great worker as people recognize you are. Never cheating on the company and sometimes working your ass off to meet some deadlines. But this news was unexpected, you have heard the news about people losing jobs due to robots, but never crossed your mind that you will be the one in the crossroads.

Well, the time has come to cope with reality. It is not your boss fault; it is neither the company owner and please do not blame the government for not protecting you from this event. This is product of human evolution or should I say robot evolution. You are hearing so great stories about how robots will create new types of jobs who will take out us from the misery of the automated tasks. The image of Charles Chaplin crosses your mind, when he is a worker building something in the movie Modern Times. When did you start living a new job without automated task? Sometimes you feel like him, sometimes you don’t. Maybe you loved your job a lot and thought that because you had passion for what you did you could always keep it.

My friend, most of company decisions are financial. Even though you have the coolest boss in the world if there are chances to make more money they might lay out some of their key assets. You will not be saved even though if you live in North Korea and the government has a central planning process of the economy, when Kim Jong Un closes a deal with a Chinese manufacturer he will replace you with a robot.

Maybe you didn’t see the signs. Maybe you didn’t read the magazines, newspapers and articles on your sector showing how some companies were implementing new robotic lines to increase productivity. Maybe you didn’t become a lifelong learner, someone that is continuously updating the knowledge, skills and experience. Maybe you thought that if this event occurs you will get access to a better welfare system like the Universal Basic Income (UBI) that would save you from your misery.

There are lot of maybes and it is difficult to point whose fault is that you lose your job. You can blame capitalism, you can blame the scientists creating robots, you can blame your boss greed. But you can keep blaming everyone around you, this will let to nowhere. Instead take responsibility for your future. I know it’s hard, but life is full of challenges. There will never be a moment in life when you can relax completely (maybe when you are dead, but who knows where you will be heading afterwards and maybe you will be the devils bitch in the demon’s concentration camps, maybe). Life will always have challenges because there was will be always health or social issues or even not sleeping enough hours. Instead of living a life of ´maybes´ start doing something now (today), maybe you haven’t been fired (yet) so start preparing for what is coming.

A simple exercise is to build your skills matrix, write what skills do you have today, write what kind of skills does your job in the future will require, write what possible skills a robot will have and write what kind of training you need to start engaging today. After creating your matrix, you have one mission, start working today, because the history will not wait till you are ready.


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