Hey friend, welcome to my site, here you will find my books, articles, videos and all the content you need to Beat the Robots.

This is call for a better life. Yes, a call for your better life.

Maybe you feel the world is on a path of self-destruction. Maybe you think nothing can be done to save it from our own creations.

Maybe you have been fired from a job you liked, from a job you thought would give you the same level of security that your parents had. You thought that if you worked hard enough and dedicated your time to that job, you would be safe. But there isn’t a safe job anymore. The world is changing so fast that the elements you believed were permanent are now shadows from a glorious past.

You know that sooner or later robots will steal your job, so what you can do now to be ready?

This book is for you, let’s Beat the Robots.

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