Join a group of innovators to find solutions to technological unemployment

The world needs new solutions to solve one of our pressing problems: Technological unemployment.

While some people still believe the market by itself will fix any problems or that technology will create more jobs and fix the market. There is also a big threat for millions around the world with the possibility of losing their jobs due to automation.

One of the studies of The Future of Jobs report by The World Economic Forum 2016 calculated that almost 5 millions of jobs could be lost by 2020.  And even though we cant calculate the impact we can start seeing the results of the experiments. Like this company in China which replaced their workforce for robots and now they are more productive but with 90% less employees.

There is an interesting competition organized by The Graduate Institute of Geneva called the “Geneva Challenge”. Every year they choose a topic and ask graduate students to find solutions to an specific problem.

For 2017 the topic is the “Challenges of employment”.

I found it a great opportunity for graduate students from all around the world to collaborate and find solutions. And the best teams get a round trip flight to Geneva and they could win up to  10,000 CHF.

I want to organize a team of five graduate students so we can propose a new solution and offer a globalized perspective on the issue .

If you are interested fill this form and I will confirm to which team you will be part if we have more than five people applying. Based on your experience and interest I will put you in contact with different graduate students from all around the world. So we will create different teams competing but at the same time looking for new solutions.

So if you are a currently a Graduate student this is your chance to challenge yourself in a different way. This could lead to a new company, startup, organization and/or life lasting relations with your team mates. Register before March 21, 2017.

Lets see if we can go beyond the Universal Basic Income (UBI) , the re-skilling of workers and of some of my proposals at my book.