MOOC means  Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) and they could be defined as all the online courses that you can take on different topics (However, some people will not agree with this definition).

Here is a list of websites and apps to find a great content online, I also shared interesting blogs, podcast and other interesting content. Places that you can learn skills, acquire information and exchange knowledge.

MOOC—  Massive Open Online Courses

Codeacademy  —  One way to learn how to code.

Coursera —  A lot of MOOCs.

Duolingo  —  Learning languages competing with your friends.

edX  —  MIT & Harvard and top universities are offering MOOC.

FutureLearn  —  Thousands of online courses.

Highbrow  — Lessons in only five minutes.

Khan Academy  —  The largest database of courses.

MIT OpenCourseWare —  MIT has been offering top content for years.

Udacity  —  The place to obtain Nano degrees.

Udemy  —  I enjoyed a course on publishing books in Kindle.

BLOG—  They say they are dissapearing but in reality they are not.

Brain Pickings —  Blogger shares articles on diverse topics .

Wait But Why  —  The best blog of procrastination.

PHD Comics — One way to survive through your graduate students.

PODCASTS—  To listen while you are tired of watching youtube videos.

99 % Invisible  — Architecture, history, Infrastructure and Technology

YOUTUBE—  Since 2005 serving humanity.

Charisma on Command — Learn Charisma skills.

Evan Carmichael — Get motivated.

French pod 101— Learn french.

Future of Life Institute — Social implications of Artificial Intelligence.

World Economic Forum— I recommend to check the sessions at Davos.

Crash Course — Spinets of information to learn different topics.

Its OK to be Smart This PHD teach us about science in an easy way.

Today I found out — Learn random facts of history.

Jeremy Jahns — A different movie critic Youtuber. My favorite.

Today I found out — Learn random facts of history.

 If you want to recommend me new sites, let me know.

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