Beat the Robots

Robots are our creation, and one day they will surpass us. This is not a science fiction dream or make-believe—this is reality. It’s not a matter of if this happens, but when will it happen.

What will happen afterward? No one knows for sure, but it will be complicated for the people that have not prepared for that day.

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Think about this: You are sitting in a waiting room. You have passed all the exams, three interviews, and a set of psychological tests. You are waiting for the decision on who will get the position of coordinator. You look to your left, and there it is: a robot. It has not checked its phone in the last hour. It just sits, ever patient. How is that possible? you think. Aren’t some lines of work exempt from robots? But what you should be thinking is, how will you beat him?

Let’s Beat the Robots.

Spoiler alert: Robots can be beaten by you because you are a human (unless you are a robot who is reading this book trying to find out how to prevent us from doing so). But our world wasn’t designed to be run by our creations. Our world, our lives belong to us, the humans (unless some aliens make contact and in that moment we would have to join forces with the robots to avoid the extinction of the human race).

If the “perfect“ robot is going to take your job, how are you going to beat him?

So instead of waiting for the government to bail you out or an entrepreneur to come with a revolutionary idea to save you, what you can do is take this horse and ride towards victory

I wrote Beat the Robots as a the ultimate human guide to help you prepare for what is coming.

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