Beat the robots

The ultimate human guide

Are you thinking what to do when robots steal your job?

You are sitting in a waiting room. You have passed all the exams, three interviews, and a set of psychological tests. You are waiting for the decision on who will get the position of coordinator. You look to your left, and there it is a robot. It has not checked its phone in the last hour. It just sits, ever patient. How is that possible? you think. Aren’t some lines of work exempt from robots? But what you should be thinking is, how will you beat it?

Robots are our creation, and one day they will surpass us

This is not a science fiction dream or make-believe—this is reality. It’s not a matter of if this happens, but when will it happen. What will happen afterward? No one knows for sure, but it will be complicated for the people that have not prepared for that day.

Maybe Terminator isn’t the one destroying our wold...

Maybe it would not be Robocop defending your rights, and maybe it would not be Hal 9000 driving your train (thankfully). But each time you read your favorite blog, talk to your friends, or check the news, you are beginning to see a new path: robots are coming. Not to exterminate you (let’s hope Elon Musk is wrong), but to replace you in the workforce. The question is, are you going to wake up one day and find out that you don’t have that dream job for which you fought very hard because a robot has taken it from you. That robot will be that perfect worker that your boss has always dreamed of: it is reliable, doesn’t get sick, doesn’t have children, will not ask for a pay increase, doesn’t sleep, will always follow instructions, is concentrated 100% on its job, is loyal.

Opinion from readers:

"Awesome Book. Love the way in which the author aptly plays with the mix of emotions and tone, making us at one time nod in approval,at other times smile at the cynicism and eventually question ourselves and dive into our mode of living and way of being. He witfully combines his personal experience with those gathered by other young people who have mastered their craft, breathing their passion and living a life of fulfillment to give us precious drops of wisdom. I recommend every youngster and every one in quest of a more meaningful life to go through this insightful book"

"'Beat The Robots' is billed as 'The Ultimate Guide For Humans' and it certainly doesn't fail to disappoint on that front. The author draws on his diversified experience in several domains and across several parts of the globe to put together this masterpiece. Structured over 18 chapters, the book launches into how robots are turning into a mainstay in several workplaces and then expands to address much more. The book delves into how individuals can ameliorate themselves and drive to be the absolute best versions that they can possible be. By using several analogies, inspirational stories of the who's who, as well as examples from music, art and cinema, 'Beat The Robots' stands out as a motivational guide, a professional guide on career advancement and above all, a powerful work on personal and professional enhancement in today's rapidly evolving and dynamic world."

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