1. You can read in depth Kurzweil´s theory in his book “The singularity is near” or you can start with one of his blog posts . The greatest example of the Law of Accelerated Returns is the cost of doing the DNA Genome sequencing, in the first test the cost was 1 billion dollars in 2003 and in 2016 you could have your genome sequence for $100 dollars
  2. If you want to read more about the UBI or also known as the Basic Income Guarantee I recommend you to read the essay of Leon Schreiber presented during the St Gallen Symposium here.
  3. 30 years after the experiment some researchers are trying to analyze all the data generated during this period and they agreed is not a silver bullet. Great article at Huffington Post.
  4. You can track the experiment at their official website with updated information on the process and results in this site. The Experiment should end on December 2018 with a publication of a study of its impact.
  5. This is the first experiment in Silicon Valley, you can read more about it here  I believe the problem is the reduced amount of people. Because focusing in only 100 families with poor background is not enough when you compared with other countries experimenting with thousands of participants.
  6. The movie is interesting for the context of the cold war but also for the training by Rocky to fight against Drago . IMDB.
  7. The robot is 100% controlled by the doctor. But that could change in the future as well. So doctors and medical personal should adapt to new changes. Official website of this robot 
  8. The Antbot still seems inoffensive due to his characteristics of a nice robot as you can see in the pictures but other countries like Dubai are already working towards having by 2021 a new line of Robocop’s
  9. Enjoy the video sexy dancing video here.
  10. Moley has been trained by recording the Master Chef winner Tim Anderson, imagine robotic hands not making the mistakes of Master Chef participants but always creating flawless dishes. Site
  11. Doctor Khosla believes in humanized technology , read it here.
  12. For a recount on Jack Ma’s life I recommend you to read the book: Alibaba: The House That Jack Ma Built by Duncan Clark .
  13. You can check what is his wealth right now and what is he currently investing at FORBES.
  14. Les Brown is an American motivator speaker who used to say: “The graveyard is the richest place on earth” and it’s true. Check his book. Just think about all the dreams, projects, ideas that are born from imagination but never realized. Did you know that the Czech Republic author Franz Kafka used to burn his writings until one day a friend intentionally disobeys him and published the “metamorphosis”.
  15. Even some people believe Robert A. Caro biography of the US president is the best book series of his life. I found very entertaining and insightful the Robert Dallek book “Lyndon B. Johnson” due to his capacity to get into the habits of the president and showing his power as an influencer in DC.
  16. Professor Wadhwa writes about technology, immigration and Silicon Valley. . He is a big promoter of people going to College (But not everyone). His latest book on automated cars and the future here.
  17. Every time Mattis has the chance, he recommends strategic reading, there is a nice article here  .Also if you have time to read check his private emails where he emphasizes the advantages of reading.
  18. You can learn more about the success of Otto von Bismarck by reading Robert Greene “The 48 laws of power” and analyzing the implications of law #3.
  19. Isaac Asimov as a science fiction writer created the three laws of robotics as an exercise of intellect. But he never thought they were going to be used as rules by robot creators.
  20. You can watch the whole speech on Youtube or read the trasncript here.
  21. You can learn more about Ferrán Adria, the master of creativity, by visiting the Hacking Bullipedia project.
  22. These four principles were identified in the 2017 Business Insider article “How to be successful in Hollywood, according to movie legend Roger Corman”
  23. The rules of the Matrix could be summarized in two: You can’t control the external factors and you can only control your reaction to what happens. For more on this you should read Viktor Frankl book “Man searching for meaning”. He doesn’t speak about the Matrix, but he discusses the two rules under the terrible circumstance of surviving a Nazi concentration camp.
  24. Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi in his book “Focus” discusses in a greater degree how a person can use “focus” to reach high levels of satisfaction.
  25. The movie “War dogs” is based on real events and was produced by Warner Brothers in the year 2016.
  26. I like George Sanders article on Brian Acton´s life entitled “He wanted a job; Facebook said ´no´ — In a $3 billion mistake published in Forbes in 2014.
  27. I recommend to check the “Careers” section of Business Insider and subscribe to their newsletter.
  28. Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google in 2010 said in a panel of the Techonomy conference: “Every 2 days we create as much information as we did up to 2003”. In 2016 the data is astounding, with scientific knowledge doubling every 18 months is letting people believe we will double information every 12 hours soon. 
  29. The Apple revenue is astounding, reaching 1 trillion dollars.
  30. You can watch the video of Nigel Farage interview here.
  31. The interview is in Spanish, but you can use Google Translate to analyze his unbelievable attitude towards fake news here.
  32. For more information about the Industry 4.0 you can check the reports on the World Economic Forum (WEF) on the topic. I strongly recommend to watch the Youtube videos of the sessions with experts at their channel.
  33. Read the news on new speed factories around the world here.
  34. A great site to find inspiring entrepreneurial stories where I found about Zume at the Hustle.
  35. UNESCO is focused in research on Lifelong Learning through their Institute located in Hamburg, Germany.  More about the topic here.
  36. Enjoy doctor Sandrine Thuret TED talk here.
  37. You can start meditating by following their advice or travel to Thailand here.
  38. Updated annually The international university ranking results could be found in this site. 
  39. Anyone around the world can nominate to Access to an Erasmus Mundus scholarship here.
  40. Check her book The entrepreneurial state and her analysis on a possible post capitalist world in rethinking capitalism.
  41. A great site where you can understand more the difference on passion and cause is
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